Integrated Quality, Safety and Occupational Health Policy

TEISA, with a view to maintaining high management standards in its processes based on continuous improvement, is committed to:

  • 1. Management Commitment

    In responsible leadership of the Integrated Management System, assigning the necessary resources to achieve the objectives that the organization has proposed. Encourage colaborators’s engagement regarding processes, security, work health and enviroment.

  • 2. Life Care

    Guarantee a safe and stable work enviroment, removing hazards and reducing any potential risk of damaging physical integrity at work.

  • 3. Environmental Care

    Promoting the conservation and efficient use of natural resources, minimizing the generation of waste through reuse and recycling.

  • 4. Legal compliance

    Of all applicable regulations and requirements that apply and those requirements to which the organization subscribes voluntarily.

  • 5. customer satisfaction

    Offering a timely and efficient service that meets your expectations, increasing our benchmark and competitive leadership in the market.

  • 6. Continuous improvement

    In all processes through strategies for monitoring, measuring and evaluating objectives, ensuring compliance of commitments of directory