Additional Service:
Services other than Downloading and Storage that is granted to a product according to the customer’s need, this service can be granted even before starting the reception or not having OS or Awb associated.

Additional service accessories:
Materials or elements used to offer additional services.

Agency operative:
Official assigned by the client, Authorized to request services.

Airlines that ship cargo to different places.

Air waybill The document made out by or on behalf of the shipper which, when used, evidences the contract between the shipper and carrier(s) for carriage of goods over routes of the carrier(s).

Basic Service:
Mandatory services when receiving a freight. (download and storage).

Cargo Aircraft Only (CAO):
Aircraft only to transport cargo.

Client blocking:
Leave definitively or momentarily a client without services.

Commercial Agreements:
Agreement between TEISA and a client, according to the interests of each of the parties.

Dangerous goods:
Cargo that due to its composition Articles or substances which are capable of posing a significant risk to health, safety or to property when transported by air.

Cargo in charge to airline returned to terminal, for a future shipment

The ultimate stopping Airport of freight according to the contract of carriage. Identified with a three (3) letter code

Documentary pieces:
Pieces entered according to the document delivered by the client.

Documentary Weight:
Weight entered according to document delivered by the client.

Domestic Storage:
Cargo registered locally (inside Chile), previously verified in origin.

Dry ice:
chemical product provided by the customer / agent, to lower or maintain the temperature of the load by cold.